Video Surveillance Systems

Системы видеонаблюдения

Video surveillance performs one of the major functions of any security system; no solid security system can work without at least few cameras. Recently, when building a security system, more and more attention is given to the video surveillance, as usage of just one camera solves many tasks of the facility protection.

Developing at enormous speed, video surveillance systems become cheeper, and therefore more affordable for low-budget solutions. At the same time, video surveillance systems are becoming better and more effective. New developments in the recognition systems set the probability of an object’s identifying up to 100%. Thus, by integrating the video surveillance and access control system,  the highest level of security at the facility can be achieved, and the human factor’s influence reduced.

As the official partner of ITV, we are engaged in implementing solutions based on the products of this company. In product line ITV there are both professional system for large enterprises (Intellect, VideoIQ7) and the box solutions for small offices and even domestic use (SmartVideo). Any customer can find a solution that corresponds to his needs and financial possibilities.