Rent (Lat. Arrendare – put in recruitment) is a form of financial contract, by which the property is given to the temporary possession and use or to the temporary use of a tenant for rent payment.

About Us:

Even six months people were saying  frequently “that one works, who has nothing to lease”, but we always considered as necessary to work, because renting is a difficult and responsible work.

On our multiple facilities there is a little turnover among tenants, as if we deal with either enterprize or individual entrepreneur, we create all the conditions for work and respond flexibly to the changing external factors.

The integrated approach to meet the needs of a tenant is our motto. At all our facilities we offer:

  • Communication lines with unlimited number of telephone numbers;
  • Internet services with unlimited speed by fiber-optic lines;
  • Cleaning company services;
  • Security and security alarm system services;
  • Access control system by request of a tenant;
  • Video surveillance system by request of a tenant;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Engineering networks (gas, water, etc.);
  • Flexible pricing system for utility services.