Perspective Projects

Перспективные проектыTo be honest, we all know that our city is growing haphazardly and chaotically. When building something, any Kharkiv businessman is guided mainly with his own commercial considerations.

We are not that different of all the others, but in our defense it should be said that foremost we urge to take into account the considerations of aesthetics, preservation of cultural traditions, beauty and harmony with the environment and the architecture, and only then the commercial benefit.

The example for this is the building on 7, Hoholya St. It is situated in the historic center of Kharkov, near the Catholic church, which has recently begun to ring a bell; the quiet street of the bankers and political parties; in front of our building the construction of the residence of Bishop of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia will begin soon.

episkopWe have received different and at first sight very attractive offers, and the most popular was “Let’s ruin the old building and build the 9-12 floor one for 100-150 apartments!».
And this was tempting due to estate prices. But we abandoned this idea because of the discrepancies with our own concepts of beauty and culture.

Our perspective projects are the offsprings of the long disputes and reflections. And we treat them very warm, as we have made them. Although, like everything in the business world, they are being sold as well…