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The projects presented in this section of the site are developed by the several companies: CJSC Kumir; Zhitloinvest-1, LLC; Kolbim, LLC; Company Soyuz, LLC; Drozdov & Partners Architectural Studio; Kontur, LLC and Kontur-C, LLC (architect C. Chechelnitsky); M-Stroi, LLC (architect E. Nikonenko), and others. Our company is authorized to collect and to present these projects here, on this site. More

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To be honest, we all know that our city is growing haphazardly and chaotically. When building something, any Kharkiv businessman is guided mainly with his own commercial considerations. We are not that different of all the others, but in our defense it should be said that foremost we urge to take into account the considerations of aesthetics, preservation of cultural traditions, beauty and harmony with the environment and the architecture, and only then the commercial benefit. More


We offer for rent or sale about 30 000 sq.m. of office, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities in different parts of the city:
  • Communication lines with unlimited number of telephone numbers;
  • Internet services with unlimited speed by fiber-optic lines;
  • Cleaning company services;
  • Security and security alarm system services;
  • Access control system by request of a tenant;
  • Video surveillance system by request of a tenant;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Engineering networks (gas, water, etc.);
  • Flexible pricing system for utility services. More



Development is the word used among the realtors to describe the activity of a realtor, who acts as an agent in the speculations with both finished and not finished property.

Development companies usually work with architects and construction companies and are engaged in finance and brokerage. Activities of a developer on the real estate market can be compared with those of producers in show business.

The term comes from the English word “development”, which means «expansion, deployment, growth, evolution», being the original common word that can be applied in many contexts.

About Us:

Within a short period of economic growth in Ukraine our organization, alone or in a group of business partners, had implemented several projects. But we have just begun to enjoy this kind of activity, when a crisis started…
Now we are close to creation of a development management company, since in practice we have already mastered all aspects of this business:
  • The choice of investment strategy for the customer;
  • Plot selection, project competition, and economic calculations of the investment project;
  • Setup of design and construction financing;
  • Work with architectural and design offices;
  • Work with a main contractor;
  • Organization of facilities sale and lease;
  • Maintenance of buildings and facilities, etc…

Furthermore, in the process of dealing with architectural and design offices, we realized that we can develop low-voltage systems of the buildings by ourselves, having all necessary experience and skills. Currently, we are in process of receiving the license for the complete design of low-voltage systems of the buildings. Our experience in this field is described in details in PC and Networks section .

Kharkiv Hotel Chichikov’s Officials to Invest $8 Million in the Construction of the Second Hotel Building

Published: Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
Category: Development

l1r The ofiicials of Hotel Chichikov, JSC (Kharkiv) plan to begin the implementation of the second building of the hotel. The total project cost is approximately $8 million. Shareholders and the bank have confirmed their wish to support the financing of the construction.

Read more …

Builders Looking for the Mortgage Alternative

Published: Monday, May 18th, 2009
Category: Development

Builders have decided to attract customers with new loyalty programs, such as the installment payment or apartment rent with its further purchase.
But the number of those wishing to use the new advantages may not be so large as expected by construction companies. Many potential buyers do not have money to buy an apartment in the spacious new buildings, and those who have it are afraid to invest in facilities that are not put into service yet . Read more …

Лев Парцхаладзе. Шок уже минув.

Published: Monday, May 18th, 2009
Category: Development

122Під час кризи девелоперська компанія «XXI століття» втратила понад 90% своєї капіталізації. Але голова ради директорів Лев Парцхаладзе впевнений, що нерухомість варта того, щоб інвестувати в неї навіть тепер. За його прогнозами, ціна на квадратні метри почне зростати вже у 2010 році. Read more …