Scientists Believe in Future the Brain Content Can Be Downloaded to a Computer

Published: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
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cognitive-human-brainReaders will surely agree that human consciousness can not be measured by formal quantitative characteristics. And people do not cease to compete with computers to prove its superiority due to the ability to think reasonably. There are regular attempt s to arrage battles of a live chess player and a supercomputer, or the writers’ endless fantasy about the war of men and machines. In reality, the computers still just perform the algorithms of calculations, albeit with increasing speed, which are put in their memory by people.

Чем привлечь и как удержать IT-специалиста?

Published: Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
Category: 1С Software,Software,PC and Networks

В условиях возрастающего «кадрового голода» работодатели вынуждены уделять пристальное внимание вопросам привлечения и удержания сотрудников в целом и ИТ-специалистов – в частности. (more…)