Network Camera with ONVIF Support

Friday, October 16th, 2009


Axis Communications presents 5.10 version of a hardware and software for AXIS P3301, a fixed dome network camera. New hardware and software supports ONVIF, an international interface specification, designed for network video products.

“We want to demonstrate our commitment to support the ONVIF specification in our products,” said Erik Frännlid, product management director of  Axis Communications company . “At the same time, it is just the first step. We tend to implement the ONVIF support  at the main part of both ready network video products and upgrades of hardware and software. ”

ONVIF was founded in 2008 as an open industry forum, which task was to develop an international standard interface for network video surveillance systems. Forum has already joined more than 90 companies; according to IMS Research Company’s recent survey, the ONVIF members own approximately 60% of all the revenues in the security systems and network video technologies market.

The Axis company’s commitment to ONVIF standard is one of the company’s initiatives aimed at providing transparency in the network video surveillance systems market. “We believe that a customer or integrator will receive the maximum benefit if being able to select the optimal solutions for the design of his video surveillance systems,” continues Fronnlid. “Our VAPIX interface has always been open for other companies’ developments, and today Axis network video surveillance system is supported by the majority of software solutions at the management tools market. Along with ONVIF support introduction, the full range of our video system will continue supporting the VAPIX interface. Thus, we offer the best features of two systems for our partners and consumers. “