Access by Fingerprint Becomes Possible in Kronwerk ACMS

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

fingSince 01.07.2009g. along with the access control system Kronwerk it is possible to use the BioSmart biometric controllers of Prosoft-Systems production company(Ekaterinburg), a leading developer of  information technology and security biometric systems. Integrated security systems with a variety of identification technologies allow to increase the level of security for separate premises and the entire facility as a whole.

contrEntry of fingerprint users (up to 5 for each user) in the Kronwerk access control system is made from the software of ACS Kronwerk (program “Pass”). BioSmart controller connectes to the Kronwerk controller SM-01/SM-01 App. E by its internal line RS-485, as well as regular interface modules Kronwerk AT + or Kronverk AT-02.