Evolis Tattoo Printer (France) – a Little Revolution

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

The new monochrome printer for single-sided printing from Evolis Tattoo uniquely combines advanced technology and innovation.

Designed in the Hi-Tech style, reliable metal mechanics, compact size and simplicity make this printer a revolution in the world of monochrome printing plastic cards. In a few seconds Tattoo personalizes with different monochrome color ready prints or blank cards. With its help you can print text at high resolution, as well as bar codes, graphics and logos.

Tattoo can be ideally located on your table. Very compact, which is achieved by the use of an entirely new system of two-level maps displacement – Lift Card, developed and patented by Evolis.

The printer can function without a computer, just being connected to a special keyboard. Enter your details: name, number, barcode, magnetic stripe data and print maps in fully automatic mode. This feature makes the printer ideal for new sales outlets and racks for accreditation of participants of exhibitions.

There are also options for the printer with the magnetic encoder – Tattoo Mag.

With the cost of the printer, as well as the cost of a print Tattoo achieves the best price / quality ratio; it is the best choice among the monochrome printers.