News and Publications

News and Publications
Diverse activities of the company require either a large staff or the universality of its opportunities. We hope that we have succeded to have a second one. In order to be universal, we have to know a lot and to improve continually our knowledge and skills. So, gradually, each one of us has created its own knowledge base. In the section «News and publications» we will introduce to you this accumulated and replenished baggage . We hope that it will be interesting to you. Mail comments and suggestions to the special book. More

Our Clients

Our Clients
This is the most important section of our site. The word «important» has at least three meanings:
1. Of particular importance, significant. An important event. Important message.
2. High by the position (spoken). Important Person.
3. Proud and strong.
So, all three meanings are relevant for us. These are our bread-winners, and that's all. And here we introduce... More


It would be nice if we could have written just «Kharkiv, Ukraine» in this section. But we are not so famous yet.. Therefore we write the address in detail, to make an important client not to get lost in the city. Come to us, write us, call us... More

About Us

Our mission is to generate the additional income for shareholders by developing fast-growing service and high-tech businesses.

JSC “Khartron-incorporated” is the company that manages the fast-growing businesses, targeted at corporate consumers of products and services.

Philosophy of JSC “Khartron-incorporated” calls for the development of the dynamically growing areas of business like telecommunications, high technologies, real estate, and consumer goods.

We aim to shift from direct control of business processes to the corporate rights and finance management, thus we invest heavily in the corporate rights of high-tech enterprises.

JSC “Khartron-incorporated” is a strategic investor and actively manages corporate rights, encouraging the growth of the value of the share capital and providing a competitive advantage. Strategic asset management is carried out through the work of the representatives of JSC “Khartron-incorporated” in the board of directors in accordance with the principles of corporate governance.

The principles of action:

Through its activities, JSC “Khartron-incorporated” is driven by the following principles:

  • Honesty and fidelity to our customers, shareholders, partners, employees and the State;
  • Transparency – we build business based upon backward linkages, which provide the development of the company and effective monitoring;
  • The rule of law;
  • Rationality and sanity – the company bases its investment approach on examining the nature of the economic value of assets;
  • Creativity – the company acts as an effective owner, and thus affects the value of assets;
  • Constructive approach – the company takes into account different points of view while making the decisions;
  • Responsibility – discipline, orderliness and consistency in implementing the decisions taken.