Учёные считают, что в будущем содержимое мозга можно будет загрузить в компьютер

Вторник, 22 Сентябрь 2009

cognitive-human-brainReaders will surely agree that human consciousness can not be measured by formal quantitative characteristics. And people do not cease to compete with computers to prove its superiority due to the ability to think reasonably. There are regular attempt s to arrage battles of a live chess player and a supercomputer, or the writers’ endless fantasy about the war of men and machines. In reality, the computers still just perform the algorithms of calculations, albeit with increasing speed, which are put in their memory by people.

According to Professor Bruce Katz, engaged in research on the artificial intelligence, in the close future the human mind and the computer can switch its positions: machines will help people revealing the potential of the brain. As professor explains, the brain will move to «platform-independent way of existence.» For example, the contents of the human memory can be downloaded to some computers, which will enable the brain to get rid of a number of physiological and evolutionary constraints, such as:

  • Restrictions on short-and long-term memory of a man: the human brain is capable of storing as much information as a computer’s hard drive in the 1990’s.
  • Restrictions on the speed of calculations: although the brain is like a computer with a large number of parallel processors, each neuron (ie the processor) has a very low speed.
  • Limitations of rational thought: the human mind is far from unbiased, we are too dependent on emotions.
  • Limitations of creativity: artificial intelligence technology make it possible to develop creative skills, which much easier than raising the general level of intelligence.
  • Restrictions on the number of simultaneously developing concepts: the human brain can not effectively concentrate at more than one concept at the moment.

The average person uses his brain only for a few percents of its capacity. It is possible that the neural engineering will increase the efficiency of the human consciousness and memory. Scientists consider such an evolution to happen in the next several decades. However, science fiction writers of the last century were also convinced that in the third millennium, people will begin to render habitable the neighboring planets, but so far those plans are not coming true. Consequently, the «shift of the brain into digital form» can take much longer, and in case that such a phenomenon will occure at all.

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